Lighting for ambiance, security and energy savings

Moods Outdoor Lighting covers the Chicago and Orland Park areas, and they understand your commercial and residential lighting needs.


The first thing people generally think of when they consider residential and some commercial lighting is how it will look. During the day, an unused fixture must either blend into the decor or become artwork.Moods Outdoor Lighting handles all lighting scenarios. For blending situations, they install recessed and indirect lighting. For beauty installation, they have everything from chandeliers to wall sconces. Of course, commercial installation is always tidy, and wiring that remains seen is always neatly secured. We are perfectionists!


When lighting is needed, it has a completely different effect. Lighting has the ability to create a mood or an energy in a room. Warm lighting makes a peaceful or elegant atmosphere. Cold lighting may be more professional or secure. Turn down the lights to wind down for the evening, or turn them up to finish a project. Moods Outdoor Lighting has a large selection of switches and bulb colors available for mood lighting needs.



The other priority for lighting is security, and a well-lit building is less susceptible to burglary. Moods outdoor lighting is very experienced in lighting the hardest-to-reach corners, so no area is left up for grabs by criminals. Floodlights, spotlights, and general lighting options are available. We also have smart lighting options, which allow lights to turn on and off randomly, giving the building the appearance that it is occupied.


Energy Savings

The owner of Moods Outdoor Lighting, Trent Smith, is an electrical engineer, and he uses his electrical knowledge to create the best energy savings in your home. Not only does that mean clever wiring and switches, but it means cost saving through energy efficient options such as led bulbs, which are the new standard and significantly reduce energy bills.


We handle all of your lighting needs.

Commercial and residential lighting needs can be aesthetic and utilitarian, and whichever you are seeking, Moods Outdoor Lighting has what you need. We are happy to schedule a consultation any day of the week, and we will travel to your location to develop a plan and an estimate. Most projects can be started within two weeks of the consultation, and we frequently finish under budget. Quality, time, and customer satisfaction are our goals, and we deliver!


If you’d like to contact us about a consultation or have other inquiries, please contact us here.